Chanticleer alumni

The Chanticleer Family is not just limited to the current seasons players! Over the years we have had many members join us, and we want to take this opportunity to tell you all about our fabulous Chanticleer Alumni and tell you a bit about all the wonderful things these talented individuals are up to now!

Max Fulham


Max is an extremely talented ventriloquist and not only were we extremely lucky to have Max in our 2016 Pantomime 'Aladdin the Prequel' but we were also honoured to have Calamity Jean Genie the puppet! Max is now bringing joy and laughter to people all over the country, performing in  variety shows and pantomimes. He is currently a part of Butlin's current season! check him out at

PLAYER 2015-2016

Brandon's time with The Chanticleer Players afforded him to opportunity to play many roles, most infamously Sparklepuff the Unicorn! Nowadays, Brandon is studying at Goldaming College and frequency stars in musicals, such as Spring Awakening and Cabaret. He is currently auditioning for Drama School and we wish him the very best of luck!

Brandon Hamilton
Gabriel Plazcek

PLAYER 2015-2018

Gabriel has grown up amongst The Chanticleer Players and has been a very important part of the family. We feel extremely honoured to have known Gabriel for so long!During The Mystery of the Winkle At Cockletit Bay' Gabriel could be found with Lady Ruby Slippers, our canine company member. Now Gabriel is studying for his GCSE's and still a keen supporter of us Players!


Olivia was a wonderful addition to the Chanticleer players, and although she may not perform with us any more, she will always be a Chanticleer Player! Olivia nobly ran Granny Annie's Parlour, serving refreshments during a performance of our 2018 Panto! Olivia can now be seen in local venues and festivals singing beautifully! 

Olivia Tompkins


Kyle played the wild and brave Broncho Bill in our 2016 Pantomime Aladdin the Prequel! Kyle has been a part of the Chanticleer family for many moons, and was always making our cast laugh backstage! Kyle is now 18 years old and studying at college! The Chanticleer Players wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours! 

Kyle Kumar

PLAYER 2015-17

Alex was a part of the first ever Chanticleer players company, performing in our first ever show, the summer soiree! He then went on to play a whole host of pantomime character and even reprised the role of Brian Bliss in 'The Flippant Five and the Mystery of the Shot in the Dark'! Alex is now preparing to begin his studies to become a nurse, what a noble and brilliant man he is! 

Alex Colebrook


The glamorous Keely took to the Chanticleer stage in 2016 as the magnificent Peggy Bramble, of 'Peggys Parlour'! Keely could always be found at rehearsal in the most glamorous ensemble with a queue at her feet awaiting her expert hair advice! Keely is now running her own clothing company Love From Willis! 

Keely Willis

PLAYER 2015-2016

Molly is an extremely multitalented lady. Not only is she a gifted actor, but she has a beautiful singing voice which The Chanticleer Players certainly miss hearing each week! Molly is currently studying at the very prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and has an extremely successful music career ahead of her which we will be following keenly! 

Molly Beere

PLAYER 2015-2018

Mark has played a multitude of characters with The Chanticleer Players, from a police officer to a dashing Pantomime King! Mark is certainly a very talented actor, but Mark also achieved his PhD and currently develops apps and software for a living!!! The entire Plazcek family are forever part of the Chanticleer family! 

Mark Plazcek


Though she may be young she is very talented! Kalisto is one of our youngest members, she began her journey with us aged 9! She performed Kit Kat the mischievous cat wonderfully during our 2018 Pantomime, and during down time inbetween performances she could be found concocting slime with our props basket kid Rosa!

Kalisto Plazcek


Charlotte's time with the Chanticleer Players was short, but extremely sweet. Charlotte can sing, she can dance and she can act, and she certainly showed this as the sparkling Miss Lucy Lastic in our summer show 'The Twinkle at the Winkle at Cockletit Bay'. Charlotte is now studying at GSA as part of the Foundation Course in Musical Theatre! 

Charlotte Dixon

PLAYER 2015-2016

Tanya, also known as Tan Ya, graced the staged as many different varieties of fairy in our infamous Pantos, from Fairy Godmother, all the way to Fairy Liquid! Tan Ya also helped with front of house duties, a very noble task! Nowadays, Tanya can be found usually in the gym as she works as a personal trainer and a competitive, award-winning female weight lifter and body builder, go Tan Ya! 

Tanya Dimitrov

PLAYER 2015-2017

The beautiful Maria has played a myriad of characters with the Players, from a Queen to Bessie, owner of the most prestigious Cock Inn! Maria always doubles as an actor and our front of house expert. Maria tirelessly serves tea, coffee and wine to our audiences and then hops back on stage! She is now learning all about floristry and makes the most beautiful bouquets in all of Christendom!

Maria Colebrook


Bradley joined us for two productions, in 'Shot in the Dark' he played the suave and cool musician Rex, and in 'Aladdin' he played the very dashing brother to dear Aladdin! Bradley is still performing, and most recently the Players took a trip to see Bradley as an ugly step sister in Starburst's 'Cinderella', and he was simply FABULOUS! Oh yes he was! 

Bradley Dry


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