The Mystery of the bonnie sporran and the Loch Ness Monster

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

In August 2019 The Chanticleer Players will be embarking on a new adventure! We will be packing up and heading off to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with our show 'The Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster'. 

Keep checking this page for updates as we progress on this very exciting journey! 

The Edinburgh Fringe is the worlds largest arts festival and to be able to take part is an extremely exciting opportunity. However, taking a show to the Fringe is a rather costly endeavour! And so in order to bring our show to life we are doing our utmost to raise the funds. We will be hosting fundraising events between now and August and we greatly appreciate any support, financially or emotionally, from you!! 

Keep track of how much money we have raised with our tartan tracker! 

The Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster

It is 1953 and the young and brave Lady Iris Bungle and her dear, beloved housekeeper Mrs Squidgyfeet are heading off on a jolly spiffing adventure to visit a distant relative in Edinburgh. When they arrive they are presented with a mystery, and Iris cannot resist a mystery!! Our heroines set out to solve the Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster. 

Along the way Lady Iris and Mrs Squidgyfeet meet some rather topping characters, some friends, some foe. With lashings of ginger beer, cucumber sandwiches aplenty, and of course a slice of Mrs Squidgyfeet's famous fruitcake, Lady Iris, Mrs Squidgyfeet and their darling highland friends set out to solve this mystery and have a wizard summer hols along the way!!!

Where and When?

'The Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster' will be taking place at...

theSpace on North Bridge in the Perth Theatre at 5:10pm! 

We will be performing 12th - 24th August 2019 (excluding 18th August!) 

We are so extremely excited to be a part of theSpace and cannot wait to begin sharing our publicity and more details with you in the not too distant future. We would love to see you there!

Fundraising Adventure # 1

Our first official fundraising project is underway! Our Easter Pantomime 'Little Red Riding Hood!' is mid-rehearsals and well underway.

Proceeds from this production will be going to help fund our Edinburgh Fringe show 'The Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster'. To be apart of the Edinburgh Fringe is a wonderful opportunity, but also very expensive! From venue fees and marketing to accommodation and daily living costs the price of the Fringe adds up very quickly. We have calculated that we need to raise approximately £8,000 in order to bring our show to life - we have currently managed to raise 6.9% of this!!! Every ticket sold to our Easter Pantomime will go towards our Fringe experience, and we greatly appreciate every single ticket our lovely audiences buy! 

Also, we will also be holding a raffle during each performance to raise money for Frensham Height's sister school, All Saints School in Malawi. Every penny raised for All Saints goes directly to the school for stationary, desks, roofing materials, science equipment even mattresses for boarding hostels-- anything that can help them to develop!



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