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The Mystery of the bonnie sporran and the Loch Ness Monster

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

The Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster

It is 1953 and the young and brave Lady Iris Bungle and her dear, beloved housekeeper Mrs Squidgyfeet are heading off on a jolly spiffing adventure to visit a distant relative in Edinburgh. When they arrive they are presented with a mystery, and Iris cannot resist a mystery!! Our heroines set out to solve the Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster. 

Along the way Lady Iris and Mrs Squidgyfeet meet some rather topping characters, some friends, some foe. With lashings of ginger beer, cucumber sandwiches aplenty, and of course a slice of Mrs Squidgyfeet's famous fruitcake, Lady Iris, Mrs Squidgyfeet and their darling highland friends set out to solve this mystery and have a wizard summer hols along the way!!!

What we did...

In Summer 2018, after many years of spending the summer making feature length independent ‘Flippant Five’ mystery movies, Louisa and Jennifer decided the Chanticleer Players needed to spread their wings and venture back into the world of live theatre. From this came the idea of taking a show with the Chanticleer Players to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the worlds largest arts festival, in August 2019! 


And so, ‘The Mystery of the Bonnie Sporran and the Loch Ness Monster’ was born! Now to get it to Edinburgh! It was a daunting task, and one that took many of us out of our comfort zone. From performing on the beautiful stage at the Marindin Hall to audiences of mainly friends and family, to performing at the world largest arts festival to audiences who had not a clue who we were, or who our beloved characters were! But we at the Chanticleer Players never shy away from a challenge and so we began on our journey to Edinburgh! 


After much searching, many phone calls, and contract adjustments, we found our home in the Perth Theatre, in the Hilton Carlton on North Bridge, a part of theSpace on North Bridge! The Perth Theatre was a beautiful, little black box studio which seated 50 fabulous audience members (see photo!), and we had a magnificent time playing there for our 2 week run! 

Perth Theatre.jpeg

How did we do?

The reviews are in! And how jolly well spiffing they are indeed! Thought the run we received many glowing audience reviews, for which we are eternally grateful, and over joyed that our dear audiences enjoyed our shows so much! 

We were also visited by some rather splendid reviewers from EdFringeReview. Below are a few snippets of the very kind things they had to say, along with some shots from the show! Please see the following link if you'd like to read the review in full:

Loch Ness review.png

After many years of delays The Chanticleer Players are at last able to return to jolly Edinburgh and be a part of the Edinburgh Fringe again! To read more about our 2022 adventures to Edinburgh click here! 

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