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The Chanticleers' Vision

A little troupe had been making films called The Flippant Five every jolly Summer Hols, just for fun and a few of us thought why not start a Theatre Company and so The Chanticleer Players was born! 


Our in-house writer pens each script specifically for the actors cast in a production, the story is shaped by the characters and written around the Players. Many of our younger Players have gone on to study acting, production, or to work in the theatre, T.V and film and we are proud of each and every Player who have shared the stage or screen with us over the years. Our motto is "Once a Chantie, always a Chantie!"

In 2019 we ventured to the Edinburgh Fringe which was such a thrilling endeavour and we travelled there again last Summer 2022 which was even more exciting! Our talented producer Jennifer is at present looking into taking "The Mystery of the Wee Pirate's Curse" up to a theatre in London later this year!


We are thrilled to be performing "The Mystery of the Wee Pirate's Curse" in the Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre on Sunday 18th June. 


We really cannot wait to see you at our Pantomime this Christmas too!  Oh no we can't!

We are also looking forward to taking a new play up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2024.


Our aim in all productions, Pantomime or Play, is to take our wonderful audiences on a exhilarating roller coaster ride of emotions!  We want audiences to let their hair down, to leave all worries at the doorstep and have a good old giggle!  


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for travelling on this magnificent adventure with us, we look forward to sharing so many more thrilling escapades together in the future!


You truly are the finest, kindest and most generous audiences in the Land!


We remain forever at your service,

The Chanticleer Players xxxxx

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